Elijah went from a mountain top experience with God on Mount Carmel to the wilderness. Hiding in a cave from Jezebel. Here he was doing awesome things through the power of God Himself, but yet he was afraid of this mere woman, and wanted to give up. Don't be moved by what you hear from people when you are going through tough times. Don't be moved by what you feel, feelings change. Don't be moved by what you think, or what or people think of you. All these things will cause you to want to give up and miss what God has for you, and want to do in you and through you.
When you get to a place of giving up (depression) remember to be consistent in your pursuit of God. Your private time with him in prayer. Praise and worship Him, maintain fellowship with Him, and other like minded believers. Revisit His presence, your secret place where its just you and Him. It is there that you will find strength. Scripture tell us that in the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forever more Psalms 16:11.

"When you feel you can't anything do something , but don't give up"