I've gotten into a discipline of reading the bible every morning, (because at nighttime I kept falling asleep) and so far it's been wonderful.

In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him.

I decided to start from Genesis and I've been working my way and now on 1 Samuel. I didn't know much about King David other than he slew Goliath and what happened with Bathsheba.

But it's amazing how when you begin to read, you see the real people within the details of their characters and actions.

King David has become one of my favorites (other than Jesus of course). From the beginning, He was chosen as a little scrawny boy from God to be a leader and King of Israel.

Everything David encountered he was successful in!! Battles, wars,... everything!

But there is a reason why he was so successful. He knew and obeyed the Lord.

Every single thing that David did.... he made sure to ask of the Lord to see if He approved of his actions to go forth or not.

Wow. This makes me think. If we truly believe in the Lord, and seek Him in all that we do and our hearts are aligned with God's... won't we be successful too?

Yes we too shall be successful in all that we do, if we keep the Lord in all of our plans just like David did.