Sometimes we encounter storms in our lives. Some storms are very powerful, they come with all kinds of gale force winds, rain etc. Some storms are not powerful at all they just appear that way. Some are not storms at all, but a test from God. Know this whatever kind of storm or test you are facing God in right in the midst of the storm with you. He will bring you peace in the storm and see you through. Mark chapter 4:37-39 talks about the disciples when they were in a boat and a tempest (strong storm) came up on the ocean. Jesus was right there in the boat with them though He was asleep. Jesus arose and stilled the storm, He said peace be still.
Sometimes storms are tests, God test those He loves. He does this for many different reasons, to bring about spiritual maturity, to manifest His presence and blessings in our lives, and for His glory. No test at the time it is taking place feels good or is ever easy. lets think about Job, his test was not easy at all, but very difficult he lost all he had. But Job held on to his faith in God Job 23:10. When his testing was complete Job came forth as pure gold, the later end of his life was bless more then the former part of his life Job 2:3-6, Job 42:12. So don't discount your test or your storm, they have a divine purpose from God Himself.
Storm: Flood, hurricane wind. tempest: devastation: whirlwind.
Test: A means of examination or proof.