I think I never worked harder than when I freelanced as a camera engineer for a local production company, John Crowe here.

When we pulled out the cable at the end of the life of the facility, every person was advised to wear gloves...

I remember the first season of baseball I did like it all happened yesterday. We came to work shortly after the truck had parked at the old minor league style stadium, already in its last days as the ball park for the Texas Rangers. All steel and as old as the team itself, the ground beneath every seat was covered a confluence of trash, dried drink syrups and a variety of clothing lost by attendees.

When we pulled out the cable at the end of the life of the facility, every person was advised to wear gloves for the extraction of more than three miles of wire strung to nearly every part of the steel stucture. No provision had ever been built or installed for stringing the copper any place but the filthy ground in which it had been bury over the years.

It took our crew of twenty about 10 hours to lug every foot of the left behind components into neatly coiled piles, cleaned with rags and solvent until it lay stacked, a nearly three ton load of camera connections, microphone lines and coax to the broadcast booths. Plenty of sodas and water had also been iced down and we all fell on the ground after procuring a suitable beverage to re hydrate exhausted bodies. Truthfully, I hope I NEVER am called on to do that work again, for I drove home too tired to do anything but eat, shower and sleep that night. THAT'S WORK!

Satisfying? Yes, it was. I proved to myself that I was capable of much physical labor in the intense Texas heat, but even more was the happiness of earning a day's pay for a day's work. Work is good for the soul, the mind and the body. I feel pride at being able to do many things, and now to teach my children the skills I picked up over fifty five years of being exposed to everything from operating water systems to building television cameras on location.

I learned a lot of things in these years, and all of it beneficial to wisdom and ways of thinking. I learned that God is interested in my attitude toward work more than what function I perform, from pumping gas to running a TV truck for a NFL game.