Chik-fil-A, an American fast-food chain, is different among its competitors. Aside from the reviews of having an excellent customer service, it is closed on Sundays. Despite of one day off of sales, Chik-fil-A is able to maintain a revenue higher than other fast foods.
Like God in the book of Genesis, he wonderfully created the world for six days. And He rested on the seventh day. God modeled to us the importance of rest. It gives us strength, renews our spirit and physical rejuvenation. This world demands a lot of work from us, but God instructs us the discipline of life. It is a lot of tempting to make every time count but it is a lot of reassuring that taking a pause with God matters. We need to rest, just as God did in the story of His creation.

Rest is essential and well-spent with God.

Lord, thank you for giving us a day of rest. May we find true peace as we relax on Your Word.