I've heard at least two dozen sermons on the content and construction of our home in heaven. From vast manions to humble cabins in stretches of forest, preachers have taken my mind from one lively extreme to another! I have to confess that I like the connotation of the home much better than a mansion. Mansions have staffs and order. My house is a place where we live and play and crash on the couch to eat.

It's not about rooms and solid silver flatware.

God's house is a place where we can live too. I've heard so many descriptions of it from the pulpit that I wonder if any pastor really has any better grasp of it than do I. Is that passage above my introduction to my dream home? What is my dream home? I'll tell you!

My dream home is where love is. It's not about rooms and solid silver flatware. It's about laughter and smiles, teasing people and touches. It's a place where I feel secure and wanted. Heaven is all of that. You may have the multistory vauted windows and solid brass, or gold door knobs. I don't even wonder about Berber carpet.

A home is where you find refuge and care, a warm meal and separation from an outside world that has rain and hostility. What God gave us in John 3:16 is what Heaven will be. Jesus will be there and the love that surrounds us will flood us with wonder and security.

Lord, may we find our dream home from your hands to be far beyond what we imagine...and I know it will. Will I have a cabin in the woods, or a simple frame house in a city? I loved hiking and camping as a child, sailing a small boat on a wide lake. But home has always been companionship of family. Jesus has always been family to us. Home is indeed where Jesus is.