I regularly struggle with giving everything over to God. At times, I simply cannot give up the control I feel I have over my life. However, I know that God has a plan, and has always had a plan for me.
Over the past five years I have been working toward my Bachelor of Education. I had fears about due dates, grades, etc. But, I was mostly afraid of failing. In that, I failed to lift my fears up to the Lord, knowing that he would take up those burdens for me. Proverbs 3:5 says “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Now, I am very close to graduating, and thank the Lord that I have found a teaching job that suits me at this point in my life. Yet, again I have fears about failing as an educator. I should give those fears to the Lord, I know that. So why is it so difficult to give up control? Matthew 6:34 tells us to, “not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” For me, the words stand as a reminder of God’s plan. It is not my job to agonize over my life plan, but instead, to listen to the plan God has already made for me. He has made plans for each of us, we must give up our fears to Him. He will guide us down the right path.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Thank you Lord for carefully making a plan for each and every one of your children.