One of the most fun things about living in Michigan, was the fertility of the soil. Things just grew so effortlessly, and the ground in our backyard seemed to explode with plant nutrients. When my wife first approached me about having a truck garden, my first thought was, "what a smart idea!"

For two weeks we were on tenterhooks!

I immediately began to to clear the spot, weeding, pulling up grass, then using a rake, to try to clumsily 'plow' the soil, clean it further, and to kind of square up the plot where we'd try to put our vegetable beginnings. The day we brought home our little packages of tiny seeds, I wondered at our sanity, since I couldn't remember any of our family making things out of such tiny objects. But we carefully took each envelope and one by one, put the little things into the ground at so and so depth, cover the black loam over each hole so the birds couldn't find them and.....WAIT.

For two weeks we were on tenterhooks! What if this, what if the weather, what if, what if, what if???

One afternoon, Elizabeth grabbed me as soon as I got home and marched me out back of our home, "LOOK! THEY ARE ALIVE!" The poor girl had lost her mind! We were raising a monster! These were plant seeds! But, by golly, she was right! There were little shoots at every place I'd put one of those innocuous looking little hard objects in the ground! We were farmers!

I was so excited I got the hoe out and just because, I went through each row, breaking up what little crust had formed, just so those baby plants could some how breathe just a bit easier! By July we had huge beefeater tomatoes, by August our corn was in, and by early September we had green beans! God and we had done this! We had really grown something!

God's instructions to us are plain. We will labor by sweat, and when we obey, we'll prosper. That I have seen over and over again! Of course the car breaks down, and we had to go the hospital a few times with illnesses, but we learned God's way of blessing our family, to follow His word!

Lord, as we work, please let us see the plan you made for each of us so we continue to follow You!