Fear is inevitable in life. It is something that is embedded in us since the day we come out of the womb and they vaccinate us against all of the diseases we become susceptible to.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but one of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

But did you know that God never gave us a spirit of fear?

So where does this bad fear come from? Why does it become so powerful that in a way it could almost consume us and stop us from moving?

In order to stop anything and to overcome it, you need to know the source of it.

From the day we are born, satan plans to invade our lives in any way he can. If he can find one weak spot... he'll invade.

Just like soldiers fully cover themselves in armor to make sure they will be safe against enemy attacks... we need to shield ourselves as well.

One thing that determines our victory is what ground we stand on. Just like a house that is built on sand can easily collapse when the storm comes... a house that is built on firm ground will not.

That firm foundation is Jesus. Wherever we walk or stand... when Jesus is our foundation, we are already on victory ground.

As terrible as it is, fear can make us worry so much... that we can become unusable to God.

Fear can really damage us.

I wrote this quote down from a recent bible study:

How we stand, determines how we fight.

I'll let you in on something if you didn't know: Satan fears us! Odd right?

He does because he knows that the day we stomp down fear, we are capable of the unimaginable amazing things God has planned for us.

Take a stand and fight. Don't let him win, don't let fear win. You are already on victory ground with Christ... you just need to believe it.