After decades of taking pain medication, my husband's pain escalated beyond what he could manage.

"With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)."

His doctor suggested that the long-term use of the medication may have begun to reverse its effects, thus "causing" pain instead of relieving it. He felt a different drug might be worth a try, but Ray's body needed to be free of the one medication before starting another. That meant withdrawal.

When I asked the doctor if that meant tremors or more pain, he said, "Yes, all of that."

I couldn't imagine Ray in more pain and I didn't think I could stand the helpless feelings I expected. Though I don't remember ever calling our children for help or support, this was the time. I asked if they could be on-call, to come sit with us if needed.

I also opened up my Facebook account. Social media has its issues but I've found it's a quick way to get the word out and to receive encouragement from the Body of Christ. I posted a prayer request.

The day came. Ray stopped the medication.
We waited.
The kids checked in; but there was no need for them to come because there were . . .

NO tremors.
NO escalated pain.

The doctor saw Ray and shook his head. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. NO withdrawal symptoms.

The only explanation: People praying and God answering.

I couldn't wait to tell Facebook friends how God had answered our prayers.

Ray still experiences pain, though the new prescription, a year later, remains unopened. He uses over-the-counter medicine to get him through the worst times. He cherishes having a clear head which strong, but necessary, prescriptions don't provide.