He would stand on the bridge and wait for the signs of their approach. He was patient and quiet but prepared. When they were close enough, he would go into action. The spread of his net would be wide, and the mullet would be his. It was always a wonder to me how he could make that net spread out across the water.
The picture of my daddy casting his net is etched in the memory bank of my mind. I bring the picture out every now and then to indulge in a little “remember when”. But, the most lasting impression of my daddy’s casting ability is how he could cast his cares and burdens on his Father. Though life was not easy for him, I never heard Daddy complain about anything, but I did hear him pray.
The word cast does not mean to simply drop something. It means to throw, fling or hurl. My daddy did not just drop the cast net into the water, he hurled it. Daddy seemed to do the same thing with his cares and burdens. He was prepared because he stood on the Rock, and therefore, he could patiently and quietly go through his days casting his cares and burdens on the Lord.