My gut reaction to most questions is “no” because I am timid. At the same time, the answer I usually give is “yes” (also because I am timid.) Yet the Lord regularly reminds me that the best follow up to either of these responses is “but I’ll pray about it.”
James 5:13 encourages us: “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.”
All throughout Scripture this point is repeated: pray about everything.
It seems we our “everything” is often only what’s outside of our control. It’s easy enough to pray for other people; we aren’t responsible for results. Praying in challenging circumstances and even praise in the good can come naturally.
Prayer over the stuff that we’re responsible for, like our “yes” and “no,” require a little something we’re uncomfortable with: intentional submission.
Yielding to the will of the Lord is difficult for our stubborn hearts. To submit when it does not seem we have to and especially when the answer is on the tip of our tongue is particularly tough.
The fruit of our own choices can be satisfactory for a time. His is always more sustainable and life-giving, though.
Submit even the answers your gut wants to give to Him in prayer and your yielding will yield more than you can fathom.

Praying about stuff that seems within our control requires discomfort.