The kids and I were playing a video game in the living room, the stereo turned up to enjoy the sound effects, since it was Saturday evening and supposedly all of nature was calm and soothed. Suddenly there was a grinding sound at the front door, then silence! Worse, we never heard it!

We all dashed to the back yard, searching the perimeter

A pounding followed a few seconds later! I opened the door to see three police cars and five officers in the street, front yard, and one at the door. The news was shocking! A suspected thief had been spotted running through the neighborhood and someone had actually seen the fellow attempting our front door!

We all dashed to the back yard, searching the perimeter, my in my slippers and shorts, T shirt and very embarrassed for having our stereo up so loud playing...even the cops had to pound on the door to be heard!

The sheer suddenness of the event and our unpreparedness left me puzzled, disturbed and feeling violated. Well, when the Lord comes to judge the earth, it's going to be far worse than that miscreant at our front door! Peter wrote that, "The heavens will disappear with a roar!"

Don't people think we ought to be ready? It's simple really. Jesus asks for humble entrance in Revelation 3:20 and we'll be prepared for that day! "Here I stand at the door knocking..."