It started out as a stressful day...

As much as we feel proud of our children, Father God too must be feeling proud of us!

The maid hadn't turned up for several days, my husband was out traveling, I had to cook breakfast, pack lunch, get two kids dressed for school, get dressed myself and drop them off to school all before 8.15 in the morning. I was stressed just thinking about it.

But, the boys were so good! They did everything by themselves, got dressed and had breakfast and were ready to leave on time. The elder one helped dress the younger one and also helped out with other tasks! There were no fights, no crying, no tantrums. Though we had last minute glitches we made it to school ahead of time!

I was so proud! It was such a joy to watch them, I couldn't stop smiling! And then it struck me, won't Father God feel the same joy when he sees me? Every time I do something right or imitate him, I'm sure he enjoys watching me, I'm sure he smiles with pride!

Working with that knowledge gives me that extra bit of swagger, that extra boost of confidence and desire to do better, to be better, to be the person my Father God wants me to be.

Help me Lord, help me make you proud of me! Help me feel the warmth of your pride!